agri If you have ever wished to reduce your heating and electricity bill and save the Earth, there is no better time than now.


commrcial Vanoji Energy can provide a cost effective and reliable renewable energy system that is fit for your business.

Private Homes

home Vanoji Energy partners with real estate developers to design and install integrated solar energy products that deliver clean.

To contribute to the world’s energy mix in order to build a cleaner, greener and sustainable future.

Vanoji Energy is an integrated designer and manufacturer of innovative solar energy products. Our niche is in the design and manufacture of photovoltaic, modules and custom-designed solar energy products to meet the needs of our diverse clients around the world. Vanoji has operation in United States, Canada, China, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The ever-increasing demand for energy has presented one of the greatest environmental challenges with grave implications for the whole world.

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Every customer is unique. We have experience and expertise required to